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AERIS successfully completed an OPF audit for the Drug Enforcement Agency.  Overall responsibilities included reviewing the contents of over 10,000 official personnel files and taking the appropriate actions to ensure the OPF and its contents, documentation and determinations conform to the requirements of law, regulation, and other applicable guidance from the Office of Personnel Management and other governing entities to include federal agencies, boards, etc.  The review called for a 100% review of the OPF, removal/insertion of inappropriate/appropriate documents, ensuring all SF-50 data is accurate and included, correcting and resolving all incorrect/inconsistent/missing data, preparation of appropriate personnel actions, forms and other to include corrections, deletions, and missing data in the appropriate automated system, ensuring that all documents are filed in chronological order or such other order as stipulated by appropriate law, regulation or other applicable guidance.  AERIS provided over 30 qualified HR Specialists to complete the tasks.  All tasks were completed by the scheduled due date.    

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