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AERIS has provided staff augmentation, project management and process reengineering for the TSA.  During the initial TSA rollout, key AERIS staff members were employed by the vendor contracted to perform assessment and hiring.  The task included dispute and complaint resolution.  AERIS created and implemented the Issue Resolution Team (IRT).  The team resolved several hundred complaints over the final 6 months of that contract and played a vital role in TSA’s successful accomplishment of the rollout goals established by Congress. 

AERIS specializes in Process Optimization.  At TSA we received several large boxes of congressional correspondence that had not been answered (approximately 10,000 backlogged letters).  The vast majority of those letters related to complaints regarding the hiring process at TSA.  AERIS developed a standardized process for categorizing the complaints, recreated the original hiring database from media supplied by the vendor that conducted the initial hiring effort (Pearson Government Solutions), established data mining queries in the database to extract pertinent data, created template response letters and assisted in hiring TSA staff with the skills to implement and maintain the process at the close of the contract.   AERIS eliminated the entire backlog while addressing new incoming inquiries in just 9 months.  Additionally, we were able to provide valuable assistance to TSA Executive Secretariat, General Counsel, Office of Civil Rights and Legislative Affairs.   AERIS earned a TSA Partnership Award for our successful work in 2003.  AERIS employees were transitioned to full time employees for the client at the successful completion of the project.

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